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Notes on Material Re-Pose


I am interested in all interaction as a transformative experience, social and material that creates a more acute awareness of HERE – our present/ presence.

There are inescapable narratives embedded in all materiality. Posited historically, culturally and genetically, continually back and forth, the inextricable union of narrative and matter. Notes on Material Re-Pose is a sketch, an exploration of this union through varying material states of being in immediate time and perpetual history. There is interplay in this examination between pose (materiality noticed, brought to our attention) and repose (being in a state of rest, preparation for the next material transformation).

Notes on Material Re-Pose was exhibited at Critical Practices Inc and 21st Projects in June 2016

Critical Practices Inc. and 21ST.PROJECTS hosted an artist talk and closing reception for Nicole Awai’s “Notes for Material Re-Pose” Sunday July 10th, 2016 . Nicole had a discussion with writer and curator Jane Harris. 


21ST.PROJECTS offers informal viewings of an artist’s works or other curatorial/research projects@ 162 W 21 St. #3N NYC. These viewings move away from the white cube as the normative space for cultural consumption and bring art, artist, and audience into a domestic setting.

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